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4 High Quality Candies / Chocolates Gift Ideas for Kids

Updated: May 25, 2021

Here are some suggestions of high quality candies for kids, not popular brands, but good choices for kids. These candies are great for rewards, goodie bags, holiday (such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year) gifts, and birthday party.

My Standards of Choosing sweets for kids:

  1. As few food coloring or additives as possible

  2. Not too sweet

  3. Good taste

(I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.)

Here are 4 kinds of high quality candies / chocolates

We first tasted this candy when we traveled to Canada. What makes it outstanding is its unique caramel flavor, which tastes like the caramelized sugar on creme brulee but less sweet. After we came back, we cannot find this candy in any of the grocery store so we have to buy it online. For kids, I prefer semi sweet treats rather than regular sweet candies. This candy perfectly fulfills my requirements.

The lollipop tastes same as the hard candy drop but bigger. It can be used as rewards to kids.

Unfortunately, this kind of candy can only be bought from Amazon Canada.

This is also a unique flavored candy. Special iced wine taste without any alcohol makes it good for kids. Besides, not too sweet is another reason we like it.

Godiva is famous for its dark chocolate for a reason. Its pure and rich chocolate flavor make it outstanding from other brands. We bought Godiva truffle boxes for teachers every year. Compare to other sweet truffles, the dark chocolate bar is cheaper and less sweet, perfect for kids. However, dark chocolate bar with more than 72% cocoa will be too bitter for kids...

Venchi bars are also rich in flavor and perfectly Italian style.

Sometimes Venchi's official website will have 2.2lb chocolate coins for sale only for $30. However, those chocolate coins will usually expire in two months. According to customer service, the chocolate coins are good to eat within 6 months after expiration date.

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