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5 Best Book Gifts for Kids under 5

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Here is the list of the best 5 books for kids aged under 5. These books include The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See, Puff the Magic Dragon, Good Night Moon, and Dr. Seuss's ABC.

To choosing books for kids, please have these rules in mind:

  1. Stories with good & colorful pictures

  2. Kids can easily pick up what to learn from the book

  3. Unstanderdable for kids so that it is easy to have a discussion

  4. Clear topics

(I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.)

First time I knew this book was from my son. One day, I heard him singing a funny song about a worm, so I asked him what the song's name is. My son told me the song is called The very hungry Caterpillar. However, he cannot sing the whole song. I ordered the book from Amazon that day and read it to my son two days later and he loves it. Three years passed, I read it to my daughter, and she also loves this book. I taught them how to count, days of the week, and other stuff. Here is the reading log / dialogue with my daughter. Besides, we also found another funny song called Herman the Worm. Both of my kids love this song, too.

First time I saw this book is from kids' classroom. It is about animals and colors. After I bought the book, I thought it read like an easy poem. Thus, I talked about rhyming words to kids. It turned out to be a failure for my two & half year-old and my five year-old could only get a little bit. However, my two & half year-old was very interested in the colors and shapes of the animals and we read this book ten days in a row. And at last, she can remember the whole book. Here is the reading log / dialogue with my two & half year-old at that time.

There is a song of the same name. Its melody is beautiful and sad. I was not sure why the preschool teacher taught such sad song to kids, so I bought this book and read it to my son at that time. We also found a 30-minute video which tells a story about how Puff, the magic dragon helped a kid to gain confidence and start to talk. I also used this book to discuss with kids about imagination friends. Kids have lots of questions when I read this book to them and we all enjoyed it, of course, also the lovely music & song.

We got this book from a book sale three years ago. At first, I did not like this book because of its simplicity. However, when I read this book to my son, he was excited about finding out all the items in the book. Later he began to point out similar or same items at home and started to count them. Besides, different kids focus on different things. My daughter likes the old lady saying Shhh. Later when she thought I was too loud or her stuffed animals were sleeping she said Shhh. Questions like why the cow jumped over the moon are also asked by both kids.

I used this book to teach kids ABCs. Kids like the pictures and the words.

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