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Category 3: How to Choose a Crib with mattress, Changing Station and Related Accessories

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

To make an infant sleep well, you may need a crib (can be substitute with a baby lounger in the first 3 months), crib mattress & mattress sheet & water proof cover, bumper, changing pad (changing station is optional), bouncer and musical crib mobile. baby lounger are especially useful in the first several months since it can be used as crib on bed and changing station / pad. Please read this post for more details.

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Baby Lounger (Can also be used as a portable changing station)

In the first a few months, a mom needs to feed, burp, and swing the little cute newborn to sleep every 2 to 3 hours. It will be perfect if everything is within reach so that a mom does not need to leave the bed. A baby can be placed in the baby lounger next to mom. To change diapers, just unlock end side of the lounger, put a blanket on it, then place the baby on the blanket. A baby lounger can also be moved to any surface such as table, bench, or sofa while changing diapers. Of course, since baby lounger is portable, it is easy for traveling, too. A baby lounger is like this:

Crib & Mattress (usually are sold separately):

The most important factors to be considered are safety and type.


1. Space between bars should be less than 2 3/8 inches apart

2. No sharp corners or cutouts

3. Mattress needs to be firm and fits well (no space between mattress and crib walls)

4. Crib walls needs to be at least 26 inches higher than the mattress

Best Crib type:

A convertible crib, which can be used for several years, can be converted to crib, toddler bed and kids bed with header.

Changing Station / Pad (Optional):

A changing station is not necessary since you may need to push it to other places at home to change the newborn. A changing pad is much easier to move around, and it can even be placed on the bed next to newborn in any emergency case. As mentioned before, a baby lounger can also be used as a changing pad. Of course, do not forget to put a blanket on the pad so that your newborn feels cozy.

Mattress Sheet & Bumper/Mesh Crib Liner Set:

Mattress sheets are sold separately from the mattress, and bumper are used to prevent newborns from bumping to crib walls. Those bedding can be bought seperately or as a set. Use bumper when your baby is old enough to move his/her head around well.

Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad Cover:

You will need it to prevent the mattress from getting wet.

Musical Crib Mobile (Optional):

Since no toy should be kept in the crib, a musical crib mobile hung above the crib can be helpful.


A bouncer is very helpful to bounce a newborn to sleep. It is simple, light, and small. Mom can easily move a baby in the bouncer to any place such as kitchen, bathroom, and other places while working on other things. One thing needs to be kept in mind is that infants should NOT be left sleeping in the bouncers. Usually 30 minutes a day is the maximum for infants. Bigger babies can stay in bouncer longer.

A swing is very similar with bouncer. Instead bounce up & down, it swings left & right. Not as light as bouncer.

A Rocker is also similar. However, a rock chair can be used much longer (used for toddlers).

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