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Category 4: How to Choose Best Baby Bottles, Formula and Other Accessories

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

To feed babies, baby bottles are necessary, together with cleaning gadgets such as Bottle Drying Rack, Brush, Straw Cleaning Brush, Gauze Sponge (disposable & easier than regular washcloths) & Bottle Soap. As of formula, liquid formula is a great choice for those who are tired of shaking bottles. Another advantage of liquid formula is that it can be fed to babies in room temperature as long as it is stored in the sealed original package. Please check this post for details on what you need to buy and what are not necessary.

(I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.)

How to choose baby bottles (At least have 4 bottles in hand & buy level 2,3,4 nipples later)

There are two types of baby bottles, glass bottles and plastic bottles (need to be BPA free). Since glass bottles are heavy and slippery, plastic bottles are more convenient. Examples of most popular brands (established for a long time) are Dr. Brown, Philips Avent, and Nuk. Standard size bottles are good enough for regular use. Unless your newborn is really not used to standard sized bottles, you do not need to buy the wide neck style or anti-colic bottles. A newborn will need at least 2 small bottles (4 oz) and 2 big bottles (8 oz). A newborn will drink more and more quickly so big bottles are essential. Besides, do not forget to buy level 2,3,4 nipples later.

What are necessary to clean & dry baby bottles (Bottle Drying Rack, Brush, Straw Cleaning Brush, Gauze Sponge & Bottle Soap)

There are 5 items necessary to clean and store the clean bottles:

Bottle drying rack is the place to put clean bottles and breastfeeding accessories (if breastfeed).

Brush & Straw Cleaning Brush are used to clean baby bottles.

Disposable Gauze Sponge is used to wash & wipe bottles. It is cleaner and more convenient than regular washcloth.

Bottle Soap is better to be foaming so that is it easier to wash the soap off from baby bottles.

How to choose best formula (No need to buy bottle warmer):

Depending on breastfeeding or not, formula sometimes is not an essential. To be prepared, before your baby is born, it is better to have some formula at hand. Some infants do not care about brand, but others do care. You may request samples from doctors or go to formula websites such Similac or Enfagrow to register and let them know when you baby will be born. Most formula websites will send you small amount of samples before your baby is born, and coupons in one year after your baby is born. If you decide to feed your baby using formula and make sure your baby likes certain brand, you can start buying formula from supermarket or online. Liquid formula is more convenient than powder formula.

Tip for liquid formula: There is not need to buy bottle warmer. To warm formula, take a container bigger and deeper than baby bottle, put some water in the container, heat in the microwave, then put a bottle of formula in the heated water. Or a simple water kettle works, too.

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