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How to Motivate Kids to Study -- Establish an Effective Reward System

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Using an effective reward system to motivate kids to study perhaps is the most popular way. The key point to establish a stable reward system is finding the right prizes and design the approaching steps. The prizes can include workbook, math games, spelling games or using your imaginations (do not limit the prizes to sweets or video games). Listing all the things you want your kids to do and tell them how many to finish for a prize. Small prizes for less finished projects and bigger prizes for more finished projects.

Here are two examples for establishing an effective system.

A= Adult, K=Kid

Five points for daily video game

A: We are going to use a new reward system for you.

K: What reward system?

A: Do you like Plants vs. Zombies game?

K: Yes.

A: Do you want to play it everyday?

K: Of course!

A: Then you need to earn 5 points everyday to play it everyday.

K: No, 5 points are too many!

A: Do you want to be spoiled, just like Durdley (in the Harry Potter book)?

K: No.

A: Then you need to earn it! It is very easy! If you focus on teacher’s talking in the morning and the assignments, you will earn one point. Focusing on after school class and finishing the assignments is another two points. If you can finish all assignments before dinner, you will get an extra point. After dinner, if you can read a book and tell me the summary, you will earn one last point of the day. Then you can play the game!

K: I am not sure I can do it.

A: Try your best. Remember, no challenge, no improvement.

K: OK, I will try.

More tips:

“Reward” after hard working

A: Hay, son, do you still remember magic 24?

K: yes, use numbers on 4 cards to add/subtract/multiply/divide and get 24.

A: Great! Do you want to play with me?

K: Not really, I am tired.

A: If you can finish 10 rounds with me, I will give you a reward!

K: What reward?

A: Remember the word puzzle we bought yesterday? The one you said you really like it? I will let you do 1 page! Remember,Tom cannot do it now. Only capable kids can do it.

K: Yeah~~ Let’s start now.

A: I can also teach how to do logic/number puzzles.

K: Great!

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