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How to Teach Kids Math in Creative Math Games

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Teaching kids math in games is much easier than sitting down with them for a class. It is natural to invent math games from daily life without letting kids realize they were learning math. Math games are not limited to cash register or budgeting games. We invented two creative math games named "Magic Number of a Car" (adding all numbers on a plate) & "Number Boss" (Calculate the numbers and beat the boss).

Here are two creative math games we invented.

A = Adult, K=Kid

Magic number of a car

A: Hi buddy, are u full? How about taking a walk with me?

K: Great, daddy!

A: hey son, there are a lot of cars in this parking lot. Do you know the numbers and letters on the plates?

K: Yes I know. This is …

A: good. But do u know what the magic number of this car is?

K: What magic number?

A: A car’s magic number is the summary of all the numbers on the plate. Can u tell me the magic number of this car?

K: yes, it is …

A: Good job.

K: NowI know its magic number. What is it going to say to me?

A: listen, it is saying “wow~~~”

K: no daddy, it is u

A: well, listen again, Wow~~~

K: daddy, still u

A: ok ok

Number Boss

A: Do you like Plants vs. Zombie?

K: Yes.

A: Did you feel happy when you defeated Zomboss?

K: Yes, very happy.

A: Do you want to play another game to defeat a different boss?

K: Sure Sure. What is that?

A: Let’s play the number boss game.

K: How to play?

A: For example, you know one one is one, two ones are two, …, nine ones are nine. Then you defeat the one boss. Do you want to try the Seven Boss?

K: Ah,,, (thinking,,,)

A: Hurry up, the Seven Boss is approaching!! Tom is in Danger! Only you can save Tom!

K: Who is Tom?

A: Tom is your buddy in the game.

K: Ok, let me try.

A: One Seven?

K: Seven.

A: Two Sevens?

K: Forteen.

A: three sevens?

K: let me see. Seven plus Seven plus Seven, ah, 21.

A: Good job! Four Sevens?

K: What was three sevens? Oh, 21. 21 plus 7 is 28.

A: Hurry hurry! Five sevens?

K: I do not know. Too much for me.

A: Five sevens is equal to how many fives?

K: Seven fives!

A: Do you still remember how to count by five?

K: Yes. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five, thirty, thirty five. Yeah!! Thirty five!!

A: Great! You are getting closer! Six sevens?

K: Thirty five plus seven, 42!

A: Seven sevens?

K: ahhh, 49!

A: Eight sevens?

K: 56

A: nine sevens?

K: 63!

A: Congratulations!! You beated the Seven Boss! You saved Tom! Tom is thanking you!

K: Yeah! But how do you know that, dad?

A: Oh, Tom’s dad texted me. Do you want to practice spelling to know the words so that you can read the text message?

K: Yes, sure!

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