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How to Teach Kids Spelling by Games

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Teaching kids spelling by games is a better way than sitting down with kids at the table & telling them it is time to learn spelling. Spelling games can be played in the car, at the playground, or in any other place, at any time. Announcing "It is game time" (not using any word related to "study") will attract kids' attentions and make them excited and focused on spelling. You will be surprised how much kids love playing games.

Game 1: Words start with a certain letter.

Game 2: Correct adults' mistakes.

Here are the dialogues for the two games.

A= Adult, S=Son

Game 1: Small games for kids of 5 years old to learn English in the car

(On the way to zoo)

A: Let’s play a word game. If you can complete it, you will get one point.

S: Yeah! Let’s play!

A: Can you say 10 words start with the letter “L”?

S: Let me try! Oak, object, out, office. And and … Let me think.

A: What does your mom use to cook vegetables?

S: Water?

A: Other stuff.

S: Oil! Oil!

A: Yes. 5 words now. Are you younger than your sister?

S: Of course not. I am older than her. Old! Old!

A: Is there any number starting with the letter “O”?

S: One! One!

A: 7 words now! Think harder!

(After a while)

S: Does “oops” count?

A: Well, let’s count it in. 8 words now. 2 more words then you can get the point!

S: Let me think. May I get any hint?

A: Can you close the door?

S: Which door? We are in the car!

A: A word about doing something to the door so that you can enter.

S: Open!

A: Good job. 9 words now.

(We pass a big building similar with dad’s office building)

S: Office! Dad, you used to show me your office building!

A: Yes. 10 words! Congratulations! You earned 1 point! Do you want to make this game harder? Let’s spell the words!

S: No, not interested in. I am too tired.

A: OK. Then let’s try next time. It is a challenge, isn’t it? You can work harder on spelling before next time.

Game 2: Correcting Adult’s mistake 3 times for one point

A: Oh, I forgot to remind you of your unfinished assignments. You need to finish them today.

K: No, you should use the word forget, not forgot!

A: Oh, thank you for correcting me. It is a good one. What about this, if you correct me three times, you will get a point to use anytime.

K: Really?

A: Yes, but need to be good ones, or what is the monkey you mentioned yesterday?

K: Orangutan.

A: Do you know how to spell it?

K: No.

A: Spelling the word out can also be counted into the three times for one point. Five points can earn you playing video game for 10 minutes today! Besides, it is O-r-a-n-g-u-t-a-n. Can you repeat it?

K: It is O-r-a-n~~ Can you repeat it again?

A: O-r-a-n-g-u-t-a-n

K: O-r-a-n-g-u

A: Good. One more time. O-r-a-n-g-u-t-a-n

K: O-r-a-n-g-u-t-a-n.

A: It is O-r-a-n-g-u-t-a-n. Can you repeat?

K: O-r-a-n-g-u-t-a-n.

A: Good job! Congratulations! You just earned one point! K: Yeah~~

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