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Reading Log/Dialogue with Kid of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See is a popular book to teachers and parents. First time I saw this book was in my kid's classroom. I found it colorful & easy to memory, so I decide to read it to my kid. However, it took me several days (a little longer than I thought) to make her to remember who is first & who is next, and also the color for each animal. Of course, I pretended it is a game & she won the game at last. During the reading process, she also asked some cute questions, but could only focus on the book for a short time everyday. I broke the reading process into several days so that she would not "hate" the bear.

Here are my dialogues with the kid.

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A=Adult, D=Daughter

A: I found a good book for you. It is Brown bear Brown bear what do you see.

D: I like the bear.

A: Let’s read. (reading…)

D: wait, momy. Why does the bear look at the red bird, not the pink bird?

A: Maybe the bear likes red, or there is no pink bird there.

D: But I like pink.

A: Yes, I know you like pink. People are different. Is it normal for people to like different colors?

D: Yes, they do.

A (reading the book): Do you know what color this duck is?

D: Yellow.

A: The Horse?

D: Blue.

(ask color for each animal…)

A: Now do you remember which animal the bear saw?

D: Fish?

A: No. The goldfish was seen by the sheep?

D: I do not know.

A: It is a bird! Do you remember what color the bird is?

D: Red! Because the brown likes red!

A: Then what did the bird see?

D: I do not want to answer it. Too boring.

A: Ok, let’s stop here.

(next day)

A: We read a brown bear book yesterday. Do you like it?

D: Yes.

A: Shall we read it again today?

D: OK.

(read the book)

A: Let’s play a game today. It is called what you saw. We will pretend to be the bear, and who can say what the bear saw first wins the first round.

D: OK.

A: Brown bear brown bear what do you see? I see a …

D: bird looking at me.

A: What color?

D: Red!

A: Can you say that again? Brown bear brown bear what do you see? I see a..

D: Red bird looking at me!

A: Great! You win the first round! Next let's guess what the red bird sees. Red bird red bird what do you see? I see a …

D: Black sheep looking at me.

A: Not really. But really close. Guess again!

D: Green frog!

A: Not really. One more try!

D: Boring! I do not want to play the game anymore.

A: OK. Let’s stop here today.

(after several days reading this book and playing the game)

A: Congratulations! You remember all the animals and colors! You win the game!

D: Yeah!!

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