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Category 7: Must Have Baby Items for First Time Moms

Updated: May 7, 2021

For first time moms, other must have baby items include thermometer, nail clipper/trimmer, comb, mucus sucker/nasal aspirator, baby monitor (optional), baby carrier, baby gym, cloth books, grabbing / grasping toys, pacifier and teether. All must have baby items introduced in this article are very useful and basic. Some of the baby must have baby items can be used starting from 3 or 4 months old, while other must have baby items can be used right after being born.

Some first time moms may find electronic version of some items are more helpful, for example, electronic nail clipper. This article is a list of the items & parents should pick their own favorites.

(I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.)


Thermometer is very important since it is very dangerous for newborns having high temperature. The most accurate thermometer type is rectal (bottom). However, it will cause uncomfortableness and make babies cry. Thus most patients choose to use forehead or ear thermometer because of convenience.

Nail Clipper/Trimmer

Infants have soft nails, which are easy to trim or cut. Since trimming takes more time than cutting, more patents use clippers. For new parents, the best time to cut baby nails is when your baby is sleeping and not moving. There are a lot of more expensive electric trimmer/clipper online, but from personal experiences, a manual one (there are some clippers designed for sleeping baby) is good enough.


Some babies may not need combs until several months later, but have one in hand is always helpful. Simple combs can be found everywhere.

Mucus Sucker/Nasal Aspirator

Though there are a lot of nasal aspirator allows you to suck the mucus out of your baby's month, it is necessary to do so. Using month may takes a longer time than the bulb syringes, plus bulb syringes are much cheaper. Besides,

Baby Monitor (optional): Can use two unused smartphones instead

Many parents buy baby monitors or surveillance cameras so that they can watch babies all the time. Baby monitors are expensive, ranging from 50 to 200 dollars. However, if you have two unused smartphones, and use any video call apps (such as Facetime, Whatsapp) to connect two phones, then use a stand/dock to mount one phone close to the baby while having another in hand.

Baby Carrier

Baby carrier can be divided into front and back baby carrier. Hard core hikers usually use back carrier while front carriers are used for shorter distance traveling like doing shopping. For new moms in daily life, sling may be lighter, but it is more difficult to use than structured carrier.

Baby Gym (Start at the age of 3 months)

Since babies are born nearsighted (can only see objects clearly within 12 inches away from their faces), baby gyms are perfect for vision developments. Besides, playing with gym toys benefits muscle development. However, the biggest reason to have a baby gym are not these. When babies are full and dry, they can easily be attracted for 20 minutes so that parents can take a rest.

Cloth Books (Start at the age of 4 months)

Babies learn from books much earlier than you think. Most 6 months old babies should have already shown interests in grabbing and holding color books, using not only hands, but also mouths. They may drop the books again and again, but bright colors will be attractive to them. By the age of 12 months, they should have learned how to turn the pages, pointing to the pictures they like.

Grabbing/Grasping Toys (Start at the age of 4 months)

By the age of 4 to 6 months, it is time to stimulate baby's grasping reflex. Putting a grasping toy in his/her hand and encouraging him/her to grab it will help with brain development. Do not feel bad if your baby cannot grab it since every baby has his/her own pace. Try later and be patient, your baby will give you a big surprise.


Pacifiers are popular and used to soothe a baby by satisfying his/her sucking needs. If the pacifiers are used too frequently, a baby may become dependent on them. You also need to clean the pacifiers by boiling or washing at least before your baby is 6 months old (before immune system matures). Here is an article from Mayo Clinic about pros and cons of using pacifiers :

Teether (Start at the age of 3 months)

As long as you notice that your baby drooling, try a baby teether. Your baby may need a teether or teething toy to soothe gums. Wash the teether/teething toy frequently so that your baby can have a clean one to "bite"!

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