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Category 5: What Do You Need for a Baby Bath (Accessories and SkinCare)

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

You need bathing accessories such as baby bathtub, washcloth/sponge, shampoo & washer, baby bath toys, cream/lotion, and towel to bath your newborn. You do not need to bath your baby everyday, two to three times a week is enough for babies 0-6 months old. Besides, lotion/cream helps to prevent skins from dryness and eczema after bath.

Everything introduced in this article is the most basic for a baby bath.

(I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.)

Baby Bathtub

Any simple baby bathtub works. The only thing you need is a regular bathtub with something to support your baby so that you do not need to use both of your hands to keep baby out of water. An important thing to remember is that even with the support part, you need to use one hand to hold baby in case he/she slips into water.

Of course, fancy bathtubs such as foldable bathtubs are useful if you are lack of space at home.

Washcloth/Sponge (Suggest at least 4 washcloths/sponges at hand)

The most important factor to consider when buying washcloths/sponges is material. Cotton (muslin) is one of the most soft materials and not irritate your baby's sensitive skin, so it is the best material for washcloth. Besides, do not forget to have multiple washcloths/sponges at hand since you never know when baby "accidents" will happen.

If your baby has special needs such as allergy to cotton, please choose other materials.

Sponge is another good choice. Only give your newborn sponge bath when his/her stump of the umbilical cords are still on. Do NOT put a newborn with stump of the umbilical cord into water and bath him/her!

Shampoo & Washer

There are so many shampoo and washer brands in the market. Shampoo/washer with no frangency, no harmful chemicals (such as sulfates) will be better. No tear formula is another important thing though most baby shampoo/washer are no tear formula.

Baby Bath Toys (Optional)

Some babies cry when taking a bath, while others love water. To attract crying babies' attention, colorful bath toys may help. Basic bathing toys such as the traditional yellow duck, squirt toys which can shoot water, foam toys are enough for newborns/babies. It is not necessary to buy fancy toys unless your baby really need.


Cream is usually applied on baby in cold weather or when baby's skin is very dry. Among all those brands, Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment is one of the most popular baby cream products in the market. Its ingredients are simply and effective. You may also try thick cream such as Aquaphor to baby with minor eczema/diaper rash. Of course, for serious eczema, please go to doctors for descriptions.

Lotion/moisturizer is often used in summer or when your baby's skin is oily. It is much thinner than cream and can be quickly absorbed by baby's skin. However, if your baby has eczema, please avoid lotion and use cream or prescribed cream.

Before buying any lotion, you need to check the ingredients list carefully and avoid the lotion with too many chemicals or ingredients causing your baby allergy.

Bath Towels / Robes (Suggest at least 4 bath towels at hand)

Hooded bath towels are cuter and more convenient to dry a baby's body including head. If you think this is not as cute as the bath robe, you may use bath robe instead. Both bath towel and robe can also be used as blanket.

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